Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A blog I read daily has had several posts over the last few weeks on elving. I love that verb! Doesn't it just perfectly describe what is going on this time of year and now at a rather frantic pace?
And one of the fun things about working at The Provo Cotton Shop is that we get to see what kind of elving is going on.

Pajama pants and pajamas, pillowcases and of course blankets are what the elves seem to be sewing. And of course we PCS elves are working on gifts too! Since the workshop doors are still closed, I won't have any details until after the gift opening but here is a what Elf Heather made as a season opener:

Heather says, "Cole asked me if I could make a Santa hat for Rizzo, his gecko, and I agreed, not knowing that this was going to be a difficult task. I bought some felt and tried making some patterns for this minuscule hat. I finally got it sewed together (after some minor needle pokes to the fingers) and we attempted many times to get a decent picture, but the dang thing wouldn't hold still, so this is the best we have."

Now that''s a day brightener if I have ever seen one!


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